Life as I know it

Coffee, PB & J, Paper Bows

1:30 in the morning and what am I doing… drinking coffee… just finished eating some pb&j… and was making paper bows. Yeah, whose going to be that old lady that crafts everything? That’s right, hopefully not me. lol.

Why am I awake and drinking coffee at 1:30? Well… somehow I fell asleep at 6pm and woke up at 10:30pm. Sorry Ronald for passing out on you via text message. My bad. So my sister and I tackled all the guest gifts and got them all wrapped now it’s time to put bows on them and then make the tags telling the guests the gifts are for them.

Does anyone else hate it when you start to get all the fixings for pb & j and then realize that there is no bread… but there are HOTDOG BUNS! Anything works when it’s this late at night and early morning.


I have a million and one pieces of scrapbook paper so naturally I said let’s try to get rid of these by making bows. Ugh. What was I thinking? Oh I’m going to give myself more stuff to do for this wedding. When all I want to do is sleep til it’s wedding time! But I have to say, the ones that I have made look amazing. They don’t match anything for the wedding, but anything to get rid of the paper I suppose.

Check out my bow making skills!

So the whole point of making a daily musings blog was to do it daily… duh. But with the way work has been and my sleeping schedule, I haven’t had the chance in two days. However, I did have pictures from Sunday night before I went to work.

BAM! Photos!

Creepy much?

That is from the long creepy hallway that we have to walk through just to get to our lockers at work. If you are already late for work, get ready to be even more late. And yes, it is blurry… have I ever mentioned that I kind of hate my point and shoot camera and wish I had a new one.

Oh sweet sunset!

I love sunsets, but what can be even more awesome is sunrises. I’m not talking you slept all night and woke up when the sun was rising. I’m talking I’ve been up all night and just long enough to see that big ball of fire come up in the sky. The real last time that I’ve done that, was when Ronald and I were just getting to know each other. It was so much fun talking on the phone that we stayed up well into sunrise.

Well… now it is 2 am and I believe I need to get some more sleep. Allergies have decided to come and haunt me. [Please make the sneezing stop] So I may take¬†some serious medication and hopefully pass out. It’s too early/too late to be awake right now.


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