Life as I know it

Facebook me!

You know you’ve said it sometime… “Hey facebook me!” Or “yeah I’ll facebook you or something.” What has our lives come to? I’ve noticed this in particular with myself. Dear social networking… can I have my life back? I know my friends and I do it a lot though. We chat via facebook or leave a million messages to one another on each others walls when we could oh I don’t know, text one another… or even CALL one another. I’m a horrible victim of social networking. I live my life off of it. Those of us growing up in the technology generation will forever use it as an excuse. Where my people skills lack my social skills on the net excel.

It doesn’t matter though. No matter how much I say I’m going to give up my facebook accounts, I just can’t leave it behind. I have to know what people are doing through their status updates [or lack of doing since they are on facebook]. Not to mention, I’ve got two fan pages that I have to manage. [If you click on the facebook link at the top of this page {see how facebook makes it around even here} it goes straight to my photography page and then my book lovers page]. It’s tough stuff!

And just let me be honest here, if we are friends on facebook, I don’t want your invites to help you grow a crop on Farmville or whatever the crap it’s called. I’m not THAT bored… okay maybe I’m a little bored, but I shall not stoop so low to play those games.

Facebook is a nice way of saying… “Hey I miss you, we should totally hang out.” And then never do because lets face it… it’s just facebook, I’ll probably never see you again [which means we probably weren’t really friends in real life… which also means we’re just friends for the numbers]. I know, the truth hurts. But let me be even more honest, I don’t care if you use me as a number… under one condition, you like my pages. 😀 No but really, you have 654 friends… how many of them do you SERIOUSLY talk to on the daily? Like what… four? I know I can’t really talk… it would be completely hypocritical of me since I have 260 friends that I don’t talk to on the daily. I suppose the nicer way of saying it is that 654 people didn’t think you were a complete ass when they met you, which in my book is a plus because tons of people don’t like me.

I guess I lost the point of this post… which ended in a rant. Funny how that works itself out! Now I’m going to update my facebook status with the link to this blog post and be on my marry little way! 😀

Dear social networking… can I have my life back?


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