Life as I know it


We finally got over a weeks worth of rain. Gotta tell you… it had me worried. When you have a wedding fast approaching and the weather being really yucky, all you can do is pray that it clears up. So very glad that it finally has.

I’ve been pretty MIA lately. The wedding is next Saturday and I’m completely into bridezilla mode. I mean lets face it sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Not saying that people aren’t doing their jobs but sometimes I stay up late at night, knowing that I have to work in the morning, and just obsess over the little details. I could be a wedding coordinator if I wasn’t so lazy. Almost all the little stuff is done; there is still plenty of stuff that needs to be bought and some more meetings with some important roles in the wedding.

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m ready for it to be here and to pass. I’d like a day where my stomach isn’t knotted and I can just relax and sleep.

Yesterday I got a lot of my to do list for wedding projects done. Wedding gifts are wrapped, bowed and tagged. The birdcage is ready for envelopes. Grooms men gifts are wrapped. Bridemaid’s gifts are almost ready for their bags. Block letters for the chairs are almost done. The banner for the gift table is printed and just needs to strung. Yeah… it was a busy day!

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Rings come in on the 6th. Still so much to do! Hopefully once it’s done and over with I will be able to do more updates…  more photography… and definitely a lot more fashion stuff since I haven’t been keeping up with anything.


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