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Sleeping habits

Ronald likes to talk in his sleep 😀

Everyone has them. Some kind of routine to go to sleep and to stay asleep.

When I was little my cat [Ming] whom we had for many many years always slept in between my legs. From the time I was a little kid to a teenager, she always found her way curled up between my legs. And her purring would always be the sound that put me to sleep. Fast forward 13 years of the same routine every night to when we had to put her down because of old age… the ritual of her curling up into a ball and that precious purring that would soothe away my fears as a child, abruptly ending. I would lay awake at night for hours without any promise of sleep.

Eventually, with many sleepless nights, I found a new routine. Ming’s purring was replaced with the dull hum of white noise from my television [on throughout the night until I wake up]. And instead of an animal curled in between my legs, I surrounded myself with more pillows than one person should be able to have on a bed. The comfort wasn’t the same but it was something to get me through the night.

Now we’re in present day and a new routine is having to work itself out. Getting married and moving into an unfamiliar setting can kind of mess with your sleep pattern again. My pillows were replaced with a husband and the hum of the television was replaced with the ticking of the chain on his ceiling fan. Not going to lie… I haven’t gotten much sleep. It seems like it, but in reality… I’m actually getting less. Husband has a new job so he ends up going to bed pretty early during the week, whereas I usually didn’t go to bed til 11pm-12am, he goes to bed at 9:30pm. So I’ll go to bed at the same time… but my sleeping pattern has always been off and I normally only get 4-5 hours of sleep. So I go to bed at 9:30pm and I wake up at 2:30am and can’t go back to sleep for when my alarm goes off at 5am. I toss and turn, hoping that I’ll find a comfortable spot and fall asleep but it doesn’t happen. The ticking of the chain is what keeps me up once 2:30 comes around.

I’m sure I’ll find a new way of falling asleep without it bothering me but for now it seems lying awake for three hours until my alarm actually goes off is how this will work for now. Granted it’s only been a week… so I have time.

I feel that's what I look like when I get to work... only more girl like. lol.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping habits

  1. I like reading your posts 😀 It actually made me consider my own sleep patterns. I’ve wanted to start my own blog, especially since I am suppose to be writing every day for my class haha. Just not sure who would read it 😛


    1. You know, not many people read mine… at least I don’t think they do. That’s why I post them on Facebook, but blogging has become more for myself than for anyone else. I have my photography blog and this is my everyday blog and even a fashion blog [which I’ve been terribly slacking on all of the above lol] You can bet your sweet ass I would read your blog though! 😀 Oh yeah, when do you want those pictures for your thingy, so I can start shooting… because I’ve been feeling pretty horrible knowing that my camera is somewhere in my parents house collecting dust. lol.

  2. Maybe I’ll do a better job of writing everyday if I do it in a blog then in my journal lol. I think my overall project is due before Thanksgiving, but he wanted us to get started soon so as soon as you can get some that would be awesome 😀 I am actually kinda excited for the project hehe we can post it on your blog 😛

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