Life as I know it

Attempt at Normalcy

I’m constantly trying to move my life into an act of a normal twenty something lifestyle, now that I’m not in my parent’s house. Booze, parties, late night runs to Mikey D’s… that is really not the case with me. I go to bed at 10pm every night because of early mornings at work. I barely drink, which is sad because I love my wine. In most cases is probably a good thing but it makes me realize how lonely a girl can be without these social outings. Ronald and I tried a night of playing pool and drinking… it ended up just being the two of us wishing we were back in bed… didn’t even finish the pitcher of beer. What can you do though? We came home, Ronald jumped on his computer and started playing one of his games while I laid in bed reading my book. Party animals for sure. This attempt at being a normal twenty something just proves how abnormal we are… or that those days are completely behind us. Don’t get us wrong, we love hanging out with our friends when we get the chance. Chances are slim nowadays though.

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On another note… I’m sick. Big surprise there.

And I just watched the pilot for the new show Grimm on NBC. Got to admit, I’m pretty excited! I hope that it actually lasts longer than a season but for whatever reason, “supernatural” shows don’t really last long on networks like NBC and such. So hopefully it will do better and if not, that SyFy picks it up.


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