Guide Through Christina’s Christmas Wishlist

We’re three weeks away from Christmas Eve… can you believe it? I know I can’t! One of the things I keep hearing is, what do you want for Christmas? Honestly… I got what I wanted for Christmas. What was that you ask? My husband of course. 😀 All year that is all I thought about and now he’s all mine and I really couldn’t ask for anything else. Corny… I know, but it’s all true. However, everyone is not taking that as a final answer. So I have come up with a few things that I could possibly look forward to this Christmas if it were underneath the Christmas tree.

No particular order.

First thing first, is from a product from the blog post before this one that is nicely labelled Diamond Candles. I would love one of their candles. I’ve noticed this season I have been on the search of amazing smell good candles. And heck, these come with a bonus ring. 😀

Next up would be, I would think, on every girls list if she didn’t know what she wanted. SCARVES! I am all about some accessories. I know people who see me at work wouldn’t think it, but I’m quite the girl out side of the dungeon I call work. 😀 So any beautiful, soft, and nicely printed scarf would do for me. The fluffy sweater scarves not so much unless they are the infinity style, because sweater scarves can easily stretch out and lose their nice shape after a while.

The photographer in me wants this item. I’ve heard great things about them and to me… it just makes sense. It is a White Balance Lens Cap. Any invention that will make shoots go easier is a plus. They sell these at for $45-$65 depending on the size of your lens cap. Mine is a 77mm which would make it $65… yes it is a HUGE lens cap. lol.

Another little cool thing that Photojojo sells in their store that I think a lot of photographers would get a kick out of, and what I personally would love is a camera lens coffee mug. Oh yes. It looks exactly like a camera lens… cap and all. Canon L Series… only the best.

As most Americans… I watch a lot of TV series… more than I probably should. I mean it’s to the point where I can watch a brand new tv show and I will be like “Oh that’s so and so… he/she used to be on this show… and he/she did a guest appearance on this show.” Yeah… it’s that bad. However, there are certain shows that I love watching constantly. I call them my “work happy” shows because I can have them playing in the background while I edit photos or doing something crafty and I don’t have to watch them to know what’s going on. I don’t own any TV show series, but it’d be nice to start a collection. Here are a few of my fave shows that can help you get a start on it.

I do have a Nook Color that I want to get back into reading with. So any Nook Color accessories would be killer. And probably one of the best things that you could get someone with an eReader is a gift card for books! So any Barnes&Noble gift card would be lovely as well.

Let’s face it… one of the great things about most stores nowadays the fact that every single one of them sells gift cards! Gift cards are your best friend when you don’t know what to get someone. I know my hubby thinks they are impersonal, and to a point they are, but wouldn’t you rather get someone a gift card to somewhere that you know they will use it and get what THEY like… rather than you getting them something that they might not like.

Now we’re going to go onto the expensive side of things. Everyone has them… the BIG gift that they hope they get. I’m not expecting any of these… mainly because a lot of the are stupid unreasonable. I threw them in there for kicks… hey my birthday in January… why not? 😀

All items can be found at B&H photo and video store

This is my most ridiculous gift… so that’s why it deserves to be first. 😀

Canon Speedlight 580EXII Multi Flash Kit
Price: $1119.95… Instant savings $50.00… You pay: $1069.95 Offer for instant savings ends January 7th, 2012

Or just the Speedlight 580EXII without the Multi Flash
Price $474… Instant Savings $50… You Pay: $424 Offer also ends January 7th, 2012

Have been wanting a nice wide-angle lens… the Canon series is even a little out of my range. And a friend had recently gotten this lens and got some great results! So of course… I was instantly jealous. 😀

Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 Auto Focus Zoom Lens $649… so instant savings… sorry.

I have been wanting to get a new point and shoot camera. Mine does video… but makes the most annoying ticking sound that you hear throughout the whole video and honestly… I think it’s just time to retire the little thing. So the next two items are what I hope to be the new replacement camera!

Canon Powershot SX230 HS Digital Camera (red) $199.95


Canon Powershot A2200 Digital Camera (black) $121.12

And something that is not camera related…

A GPS system. I keep stealing my sister’s one and sometimes it becomes an inconvenience when we both need to use it. One of my own would be lovely. That and because I want to start traveling to different areas to shoot, and sometimes you just can’t trust Google Maps/Yahoo Maps.

So there you go… from the reasonably priced to the outrageous, she’s got to be out of her mind prices… now dear family… go on the hunt for my perfect Christmas gift! And as I stated above… I’m okay with nothing this year as well, just being with you on Christmas will be enough for me! But hook a sister up if you feel the need. 😀


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