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Holiday Traditions

This past Sunday my husband, my sister and myself were invited by my best friend Elizabeth to see one of the most amazing shows ever, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra! They come to Raleigh every year and Elizabeth and I had always talked about making the show a holiday tradition for ourselves. However, with money troubles… making that a holiday tradition every year, just hasn’t been in the books for me for a few years now. But because of our recent wedding, the TSO concert was a gift from Elizabeth.

If you have never heard of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, they mainly known for the Christmas Canon.

I was really looking forward to seeing them. Last I saw them Anna Phoebe was touring with them, but unfortunately she was not with them this time. She made for an amazing show when she was with them… which kind of made the show a little boring, however that doesn’t stop the fact that they are amazing musicians none the less.  And I do believe that everyone should at least go and see them at least once. Now saying that… everyone who enjoys Christmas music. Ronald was not as entertained as the rest of the girls were.

TSO Video from Sunday <— video from my cell phone

This holiday treat has made me remember all the Christmas traditions that happened when my sister and I were little. My parents use to drive us around the neighborhoods and look at all the pretty Christmas decorations and Christmas lights that people had put up in their yards. It made Christmas that much more magically to know that everyone was celebrating something. Making Christmas cookies for Santa. It makes you want to do all those things with your children in the future.

What are some of the traditions that you and your family use to/still do?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. a few traditions that we use to do when i was little that stick out is my dad use to read the nite before christmas while we all sat/layed in front of the fire place. my dad also use to have this saw or glass cutter and made and decorated glass ornaments with family members names on them! good times : )

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