Ramble Ramble Ramble

Sickity sick sick.

Does this happen to anyone else… As soon as the first sneeze comes along you get worried. Especially since winter is coming. Is it allergies… or am I getting a cold?! We just cleaned our room, the dust has to be the culprit. However, I was walking in the rain last night with short sleeves while it was cold, to get to the restaurant. Could I have caught a cold at the restaurant?

Ooooh make the sneezing stop… the runny nose… the sore throat.  Not to mention all the sniffling I’m doing is completely unattractive.

I’m weird and I use toilet paper as my tissue, so I will go through a whole roll of it whenever I start to get the littlest bit of sick.

I always make fun of Ronald when he gets sick because he turns into a huge baby… but lately so have I. I hate being sick since I’ve been doing such a good job of not getting sick. I’ve kept my allergies at bay and now I just want to crawl into bed and close my eyes.

I was supposed to go see a friend tonight but I think my plans may change and I might have to stay home and just get some rest. I hate that I have to do it. I always forget the “rest’ part of trying to recover from being sick. I tend to just go about my day as if there isn’t a river of snot running down my face. In the world of being constantly busy… having to stay home and “rest” doesn’t sound all that great. At least I’m backed up tons of television shows that have been sitting in my Hulu queue since forever… okay maybe since November… but still… it’s kind of forever.

I’ll say a little prayer and just hope that it’s allergies and will be gone by later today… or in the least tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Sickity sick sick.

    1. OMG a pause button would be amazing. lol. I’m pretty sure it was just allergies. Ronald and I did a serious “spring cleaning” in our room and there was dust flying everywhere. But I took some meds and went to sleep for most of the day and it was gone by the time I had to meet up with Amanda. So alls good.

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