Ramble Ramble Ramble

Christmas Earrings…

yes please!

I don’t know what has come over me. It could have been when me and my sister-in-law went shopping yesterday night and I saw them… the most awesome Christmas earrings ever. It made me think… I want Christmas earrings. That’s all I could think about today. Then after my work out at the gym, I ate some lunch and headed from one store to the next to find some epic Christmas earrings. I didn’t think it would be that hard. I mean… everyone sells ridiculously cheesy snowman and Santa earrings. So why… for the love of all things holy could I not find them?! I went to Walgreens…. then the Dollar General. Why wouldn’t they have them?! So I pumped myself up and drove to Walmart. The one store I really did not want to go to, just because eight days til Christmas plus Walmart has a bad idea written all over it. However, I was in and out, with some great finds!  Not only did I find some great Christmas-y earrings, I found a nice black snowflake necklace and a black link bracelet. I wasn’t going to get the necklace and bracelet but they look so much like my black diamonds, I figured why not!

Who doesn’t love costume jewelry?… Well maybe people who can’t wear fake jewelry but none the less, I’m pretty proud of my earrings, necklace and bracelet! My ears are actually pretty sensitive so I’m more than likely going to have to replace the actual part that goes in my ear with some sterling silver or something. I don’t know but again I’m happy. And yes… those are little chihuahua doggies in Santa suits. 😀

My sister had gotten me a Diamond Candle for Christmas and I finally got the ring out. There’s a picture in the gallery above. And Christmas pretty much threw up on my nails because I got awesome green nail polish by Orly called It’s Not Rocket Science and then some OPI red shatter called… well Red Shatter. lol.

With eight days til Christmas, I am really feeling the Christmas spirit!


One thought on “Christmas Earrings…

  1. Very nice! I especially love the Snowflake necklace. I have some snowflake earring and have decided what I REALLY want is a snowflake necklace 😀 Since I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I have bee contemplating how festive to go. Right now I have some jingling red and green earring and a bracelet, and wouldn’t a little elf hat be perfect 😛

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