Ramble Ramble Ramble

Christmas Eve

Can you believe it? Christmas EVE! I’m getting sooooo excited! I finally wrapped everyone’s gifts.

One of the things that I was on the hunt for a few days ago was Christmas wine because I really want my parents to try it and hopefully we can start making it a tradition to drink a little bit of wine with Christmas dinner. For my bachelorette luncheon in October, we went to a local winery called Duplin Wine, North Carolina’s number one selling sweet wine. They are known for all different kinds of wines that they put out, but their best-selling is the Christmas line. What is kind of hilarious is that you can buy this wine at gas stations around the area. I had remembered seeing it at a Shell gas station near my parent’s house but unfortunately they were all out. Went from one drugstore to the next in town… then finally I gave up and drove out to Walmart. I thought all hope was lost and then there they were!

I got two bottles of the Naughty and Nice which is a great sweet white wine. I hope that they enjoy it as much as I know I will. Even if I do have to work at 3 a.m. Monday morning.

I ended up getting another set of Christmas-y earrings from Target. Since all my earrings are dangly, I can’t really wear them on shipment days because I’m constantly moving and I would be afraid if they fell out of my ears and I lost them. So I bought some studs. Three earrings came in the set, one set was snowflakes the next were the word Joy and then the last were some dangly jingle bells. Pretty excited.

Even though I do have to work early in the morning after Christmas, it doesn’t stop the fact that I’m so excited to be spending Christmas with my husband and family. Ronald has even gotten in the Christmas spirit a little because he said that he had jingle bells in his head all day. 😀

See I’m not a Scrooge. I sing Christmas songs like the rest of you idiots. – Ronald [it’s a start. lol]


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