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Haircuts & Happiness

When you get in a mood of wanting things to change, it gets hard. What is it that you feel needs to change? Change can get messy. Sometimes all it takes is a minimal change that can make the BIGGEST difference. My best friend Elizabeth likes to say…

 I can’t change or control something in my life, I often change my hairstyle. – Elizabeth

So that’s what I did. Now let me tell you, I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for some time now. Now if anyone really knows me, I have had short hair since middle school. I grew it out for our wedding in October so that I could do a pretty up do. It’s the longest my hair has ever been. Normally I would have cut the dang thing right after the wedding, but I got caught up at work with the holidays and money came up short. Two months later my hair is in the middle of my back [again longest it’s ever been]. The ends of my hair looked horrible. My hair usually has a lot of volume but because it was so long and weighed down, it was flat and the ends were bushy. It was weird-looking to say the least. Blow drying my hair [to where it was FULLY DRY] took an hour and a half. Yeah… so that didn’t happen often. I don’t have the patience for that. And don’t get me started on the tangles and the fact that if you looked down at the wooden floors all you would see is my long strands of dark brown hair littering the hallways.

So away it went. Six inches of hair… GONE! I have never felt this good about a hair cut in my life. The girl who did it was really sweet and did a great job. And I’m happy to say that I’ve got my volume back in my hair. I’m pretty sure all my headaches were caused by my limp gross looking hair.

But now that my hair is short again, I have to remember I have to style it every now and then.

So lesson here… whenever you are feeling down or feel like you need a change, and can’t afford to make drastic changes… sometimes a haircut can give you the same statisfation.


One thought on “Haircuts & Happiness

  1. Love it, and appreciate the shout out 😉 Isn’t it funny how a new style can change your perspective on somethings. And it is always better when it is a successful change lol Feel the pain about having to style it when it is short though, now I HAVE to do my bangs every morning haha

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