Life as I know it


Have you ever worked in a retail store with nothing but women employees? I suppose if you work at Victoria’s Secret, you’ll understand what I’m going to say. You see these women day in and day out. They become family… but even for me… sometimes family should be kept at a distance.

And in this sea of estrogen, we have very few testosterone fish swimming around. It is those males in the store that I feel sorry for. As women, we live our lives through our emotions. Anger… jealousy… sadness… happiness… these guys end up mangled in our nets hoping to escape only to realize that they might as well just stand there and listen to us bitch until we’re done. Hoping and praying that when we ARE done, we will let them go unscathed. Don’t get me started on the fact that they have to be around us when our monthly cycles start to sync, because they would rather kill themselves than get caught up in a fight between any of the women in our store.

As of recently I’ve been trying to stray from the pack of wolves. Keeping myself busy by doing my own thing at work. But of course, when you start to remove yourself from things that people know you would want to be a part of, something flickers in their minds. They start to think that you are giving them attitudes or that you are just a plain bitch that day. Or even that you just don’t want to be their friends. Typical woman response. Trust me, I’ve thought the same of others that I work with. But truth be told, it’s easier to just keep quiet and reserved. The more you feed into the drama of all things female, the more you end up hating your job… kind of where I’m at right now.

I keep telling myself that I’m going to look for a new job but honestly, I’m not one for change. And then I laugh at my own suggestion that I get a second job so that I don’t have to work as many hours at this one. I think I value my discount more than I should. Especially since the discount actually really sucks.

So I’ll just keep showing up for work until I can’t take it anymore. For that one day that I snap and just walk out screaming obscenities to anyone I walk by to the front door. Middle finger in the air. Another one bites the dust playing in my head.


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