Life as I know it

The Perfect Pair

You know when you are meant for the person you’re married to. Why do I say this… because on Friday we went out to a going away dinner for our friends. When we were leaving the restaurant, there was a couple walking ahead of us with their little girl. Well we were laughing about something and the little girl looks at us and gives us a disapproving look, then turns back around and keeps walking. Then she turned around again and what did Ronald and I do the second time around?


We made this face to the little girl. She quickly turned back around and walked closer to her mom, which just made us laugh all the more. So once again when she turned back around to face us, we did it again. I don’t know about you, but I think Ronald and I make the perfect pair… to get beat up one day. lol.

Laughing to the car it recalled a memory that happened when we were dating. We needed to go to the post office, and we were sitting in the car talking to one another with the windows down. This little boy and his mother walk next to the car, the little boy looks at us waves and says hello. He was so polite to us so we waved back and said hello as well. He did nothing wrong… we did nothing wrong. The mother, grabs him and puts him in the car and we over hear her say, “Don’t talk to them!! You don’t know if they could be FREAKS or something!” Ronald and I just look at one another, astounded. When she closes her sons door, she turns and looks at us and says “No offense.” Really…. REAALLY?!

We still couldn’t believe that happened to us but maybe we are just THAT couple. Lol.


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