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Cheat Day Failure

I’ve read when dieting that you can give yourself a cheat day… or even a cheat “treat”. Something that isn’t everyday occurrence. I haven’t been dieting long, so I thought that I could eat like I use to. I also tried it to somewhat experiment and see if I’ve had any affects of my eating less. Well… if you hadn’t guessed yet because of the title of this post. The answer to this is yes… there were affects.

I went in there without even looking at my calorie counter and ordered like I would have before starting this diet. I at least tried to think I was ordering something healthy. I got their Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon sandwich with a small fry and a diet drink. Not even half way through my meal, my stomach started to feel funny. Before I would have loved to chow down on some of their curly fries, but this time, it just tasted like grease to me. I had to force myself to try to finish the sandwich because ever since I was little, my parent’s always instilled the idea that you have to finish your meal. So I tried, and thinking back, I should have listened to my stomach and not my mind.

When I finished eating I sat there, feeling not the greatest. I decided to look up what I had just put into my body. The sandwich alone was already 810 calories… the small fries were 450 calories… and the drink was zero calories, so in total I had ingested 1260 calories in one meal setting. Seeing that number had made me feel even more sick. That was like combining my breakfast and lunch meals plus my snacks! I couldn’t believe it. Another thing that I couldn’t believe is how fast my body has switched its way of functioning with certain foods. I could have easily eaten that type of food before the diet and after a week of changing how I eat, I can already tell that fast food will never be my friend again.


One thought on “Cheat Day Failure

  1. I honestly believe this was a great lesson. Your meal is EXACTLY the meal I would have eaten no problem 6 months ago. You know how much I loved Arby’s. And I would have easily eaten the whole thing no problem. Now, I don’t even try. I can’t even remember the last time I ate Arbys. I actually use to believe that sandwich was better for me and justified eating that over other things, until I discovered the actual calorie count. My sister was complaining about McDonalds having the calories next to food choices and I said how great that
    is because you really have an idea of what you are putting into your body and at least for me it helps keep me in check.
    The more healthy a life style I eat, the less I even want the greasy bad foods I use to love and the less tolerant my body is to them. Also, the amount of food I can comfortably eat is way less. For me, these things help in making better decisions as far as my eating. I am less tempted to ‘cheat’ because I usual regret it later, either from guilt or from how bad I feel after. And trust me, I have had plenty of occasions where I tried to eat like I use to and failed miserable. But again, this is a good thing! When I do cheat, it tends to be a smarter cheat. Smaller sizes, no soda, healthier choices. I like to think of it as even my body is helping me out and telling me what it wants, not what it has become tolerant to 🙂

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