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Demon Day | Penelope Fletcher

Well the internet is down… and the cable is out… what is a crippled girl supposed to do? Read… that’s what. I have to admit, I didn’t automatically go into reading Demon Day after Demon Girl. I had actually thought of reading another hardback book, The Lovely Bones.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it very far in the book. I don’t know if it was because I kept referencing all the scenes to the movie clips that I remembered seeing on the television or that I had already read the book. Somehow I knew I wouldn’t have finished it, it’s not my style of material. Normally, I’m reading paranormal romances… mysteries… something of the serial killer sort. So The Lovely Bones, although about a murderous neighbor… I still for the life of me could not get into it. What’s even worse is that it is not in the slightest a hard read. I think the whole, her being a ghost trying to help her family catch her killer, is a total turn off for me. Which is funny because I’ve read a whole series that had a ghost in it, that didn’t bother me one bit. I don’t know. Just wasn’t my cup of tea as they say.

So I ended up going into Demon Day, in the beginning, I still wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to continue reading this series. There are quite a few grammar issues, which would be the editor’s fault, but it still read of other stories from before. What actually made the book somewhat enjoyable is the fact that Rae finally understands who she is. As you read in the book, Tomas [her vampire boy that she has a blood tie to] constantly refers to the fact that she has indeed grown up. These statements are made towards the end of the book, where a battle between her fairy life mate Breandon and Tomas fight each other to the death for Rae’s love. But it’s nice to see that her character has in fact, evolved. She’s not the stubborn headed little girl that wants everything to be done her way because she thinks she is right.

I felt like a leaf that was once part of a great oak, captured by the wind and carried away into the unknown.

Not only is she growing up, she is realizing that these people that she trusted have all in fact lied her in some shape or form. Imagine, finally getting a sense of who you are, only to realize that you have been lied to about everything, about where you stand on an opinion. These people that love you told you only half truths so that they could insure you would be on their side. It’s a heavy toll to have to think about. She’s not sure if she can trust her instincts or even the people around her. They all know that they should be ashamed of themselves but they also feel that they are right about overthrowing Devlin, so that Breandon’s brother can become High Lord. Only now, everything is complicated because Devlin is no longer in any of Rae’s futures and now Rae has witches hunting her down for the key to the grimoire.

There seemed to be two meanings in every sentence, a thousand ways to interpret what was spoken.

In a matter of days, Rae went from lonely teenager to Lady Priestess of the fairies, battling wars that are not her own, and still trying to remember who she was and who she will become in whichever path she chooses.

I just bought the third book in the series called Demon Dark and I’m actually excited to see where this whole thing leads!

[And as you can see, the internet is back up and the cable is back on. :D]


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