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Demon Dark | Penelope Fletcher


Rae Wilder Novels: Book Three. Rae’s fragile emotions are becoming unhinged. Lochlann demands she keeps the bond with his brother secret, and the duties of High Priestess threaten to crush her rebellious nature, diminishing her glow. Breandan is her warrior, her light in the dark, but even he cannot hope to protect Rae from her own blood, and the extremes his need to possess her push him to. At odds with his kin, struggling with his own purpose, he fights for his claim on Rae to be honored. Rae must break the irons of doom and embrace her fate. She must become the Priestess demonkind cry out for, and wield magics that are hers by birthright. Or watch from the arms of her love as her Wyld perishes in flames. Young Adult: British English (BrE)

This book wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I read it actually pretty fast and it caught me by surprise. Rae comes to the realization that Conall isn’t the only one from her bloodline that is left. The “family” she was told to forget about, rears his beautiful head and Rae is left feeling torn. The “demons” that are gathered to a Meet, to discuss how to win a war against those who are out to destroy them, find themselves casting out Rae and Breandan for fear that they can not control themselves when it comes to their passion and need of each other. I don’t want to spoil the ending because I feel like there is a lot of useless babble in the filler pages of the book, but the epilogue takes a turn and no longer follows Rae, but we are turned to feel Breandan’s pain.

And because the book took a turn to view Breandon in his view of things, that means that there will be one more book to finish out the series, which will be named Demon Boy. So I would assume it is going to be the point of view of Breandon as he continues his quest of protecting Rae.

I have to admit, I got sucked into this series… hardcore. Even though it still drives me absolutely insane that there are tons of spelling errors, I can’t hold that against the book itself. Who would have figured I’d be a sucker for paranormal romances.

One of the best quotes I found in the book:

The trick was not to hide from my fear, but to embrace it. That was real courage. To be fearless was foolish, but to be afraid and stand firm in the face of what scared you… that was bravery. Pg. 447

You can find this book on Barnes and Nobles website and if you have a Nook it is $3.99


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