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Where in the world is Judy Winslow?

Nick at Nite has always been my favorite time to watch shows. I mean, they show the classics of what I grew up to. The Nanny… Home Improvement… and of course, Family Matters.

Family Matters would always come on when I would be getting ready for work and one day something hit me in the much older episodes. Judy Winslow [Jaimee Foxworth] disappears from the show. No explanation… no saying they sent her off to boarding school… she’s just GONE. That got me to thinking, why? I know her character kind of faded into the background as the episodes kept coming. She had a few one liners and then they would go episodes without her at all, only to come back again with a few one liners again.

According to different articles and some could be just people’s opinion of what happened, it all came down to her like-ness in the show and money. But doesn’t it always come down to that for actors. Steve Urkel [Jaleel White] came into the show with more lines and that sparked controversy, he eventually became the shows worth. Judy was no longer the cute little kid, especially when little Richie “grew up.”She just could not compete to his dance moves… I mean seriously he was like a little Michael Jackson! How adorable!

She really did just fade out of the show, it’s such a stark contrast when they go from three kids to just two. Honestly though, I think they were better without. A forgettable character just shouldn’t be paid to… well not act.

So where is she now… well… little Judy Winslow grew up to become a porn star. She’s been on episodes of Celebrity Rehab and had a son in 2009. It’s always weird to see where child celebrities end up.


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