101 Things

101 Things…

So I’m going to be doing something a little new… I figure there are people who follow my blog that I don’t know personally. [Obviously] So I thought it would be kind of fun to do a new category called 101 Things, which will be 101 Things about me that you will have never known… or if you are my friend you will know and serve as a reminder. lol.

Yes, what you just read is correct. I find horses terrifying. NOW… let me just say, I have never had a traumatic experience that involved horses. I remember being little and at a school function they had miniature horses that you could ride or pet, and I did not want a damn thing to do with them. There is something about being trampled by them that is not appealing to me. Now I know that just me being next to them isn’t going to set off a stampede of any sorts, but you never know. Life is strange and I could see my grave stone saying “Trampled to death by horses… she had the right to be scared of us.”

What I find hilarious about the fact that me and horses just don’t get along for the reasons of me dying by one is the fact that I would gladly hitch a ride with an elephant… even though I’m pretty sure they would be more likely to kill me.

So there you go. Make fun of me if you will but now you know… and knowing if half the battle… G.I. Joe.


2 thoughts on “101 Things…

  1. Tina, I love you! I promise I won’t ever ask you to take pictures of my ponies (unless you’d be willing to use a super zoom lense, because let’s face it, your pictures are amazing and I’d be stupid to not want pics of them by you), and if you ever find yourself visiting me in Texas I promise you don’t have to go anywhere near them 😉

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