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Bring on the Gloom

There is just something about gloomy days that I just completely love. I don’t know what it is… it could be the gray skies… the rain… it just calls for the day to be a lazy one.

The day always consist of watching all the shows that have racked up on my queue for Hulu. Blogging about anything. Internet surfing. Online window shopping. Anything that will keep me sane being inside and not having to go anywhere for anything. An excuse to lay in bed and read a book. Or just sleep all day.

On this gloomy day, I edited photos… started my husband’s banner for his blog… downloaded the trial version for CS5… watched my shows… and probably later I’m going to clean the bathroom and clean up my closet and actually put away my clothes where they are supposed to go.

I call this a successful gloomy day.

What do you do on gloomy days?


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