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Shit Customers Say

It’s amazing the things that come out of customer’s mouths. I mean really… if you work in retail or even food service, you know what I am talking about. It’s the type of tones and questions that make you want to cringe.

Now normally I’m quite pleasant on the sales floor. I don’t mind helping you if you need it [as long as you are not rude about it anyway]. Now imagine me working on a display in a store… standing on a ten foot ladder… realizing that you did something wrong and have to start all over. You start to work your way down the ladder and see a young woman staring at you.

Now I want you to read the following red lines in the most sarcastic teenage tone you have ever heard in your life with lots of eye rolling and folding of your arms.

Cartoon Credit: wobblygoggy.wordpress.com
Cartoon Credit: wobblygoggy.wordpress.com

Me: Can I help you?
Her: Do you work here?
Me: Yes ma’am
Her: So do you just like standing on ladder or something?
Me: Ma’am I’m working on a display [hand gestures to the huge wall of shirts behind me]
Her: Yeah that’s nice, I need help.
Me: Okay, what can I help you with?
Her: I NEED a 36 x 36.
Me: Umm… okay… a 36 x 36 in what? [it was a legit question with no sarcasm. I promise.]
Her: Uh khakis [hand gestures to the wall]
Me: Okay what style would you like and what color?
Her: At this point it doesn’t matter. [eye roll and folding of the arms]
Me: [Cringes from her attitude] Okay just give me one second and I will go look in the back to see if we have any.

And let it be known, I had been in that section of the store for almost three hours and not once did I see her go to the wall to look for the size herself. So I walk away to the back of the store. One I already know that I don’t have that size in the back… it’s my department and I know if there is merchandise in the back that would need to come out for those pants. But just to be sure… I looked so that no one could say that I didn’t try. So I take a breather and walk back.

Me: Ma’am at the time we only have 36 x 36 in the brown. We get shipment every Tuesday and Thursday if you would like to check back with us.
Her: UGH. I guess we just won’t shop here.

She just walks away… no thank you or anything. And in my head I’m thinking THANK GOD! Please don’t ever try to shop here again.

I don’t know what is wrong with people now a days but it’s like Rude is the new Black. Because I have had more attitude from customers lately than I know what to do.

And let’s be real, I had been climbing up and down a ladder carrying heavy ass steel fixtures and mannequins from six in the morning to two thirty that afternoon. I was tired beyond belief, but I happily climbed down that ladder to help the customers around me, just to climb back up it. She was my only rude customer of the day, but one rude customer will ruin all your nice experiences with the other more pleasant customers.

And I’m sorry… but why do all customers ask “DO YOU WORK HERE?”and it’s never in a nice tone. If you go into a store… and there is someone working with the store’s merchandise and they have a name tag… I think it is safe to assume that they work there. So here’s a lesson for that… instead of asking do you work here… say, “Can you help me?” Do you work here, just sounds negative to us.

I have to just keep telling myself that I have three more days of work and then I have Friday and Saturday off. Here’s to hoping that I don’t have anymore run ins with rude customers or I might just have to clock out and go home even if it is the middle of my shift.


8 thoughts on “Shit Customers Say

  1. Good use of my cartoon there, good to see that other people understand what it’s like!
    Would be nice to be credited with my work though 🙂

    1. Sorry, I was so flustered that I didn’t even think about that! Added the credit to the cartoons and thanks for making something that I’m sure tons of people in retail relate to! 🙂

  2. I really hate it when they ask “Do you work here?”…. I want to be like “No, I’m a compulsive folder. I’m just folding this rediculous wad of shirts on this table for the fun of it.” and see what they do…… I also enjoy when someone taller than me asks me to get something off of a top face-out for them….

    1. I know right! Goodness it’s like when I was a waitress. All I wanted to say when I walked up to a table was “Hi I’m Christina, I’ll be your bitch for the evening. Go ahead and treat me like dirt like I know you will.” I mean really people! Don’t get me wrong, some customers are simply amazing… but others make me want to punch them in the throat or push them in front of a moving vehicle. <– sadistic I know, but there are some people the world could probably do without.

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