Life as I know it


Sitting on my bed, as I’m doing now, I came to the full realization that I have fully invested myself into this world of blogging. Which is going to be sad if they censor the internet and even more sad that I won’t come out of my room and see daylight sometimes if I know I need to do some work on my blogs.

I’ve had my blogs for a couple of years. This year and part of last year have been the most of my blogging experience. I don’t have a ton of followers… 19 at best, and the handful of people on my facebook that read my blog,  but that doesn’t stop me from writing. It’s kind of nice. Sometimes knowing that strangers will read what I type is still a little unnerving and I often feel the need to censor myself on what I should say. But it’s amazing to read other blogs and see that we all have something in common. We all go through situations that are one in the same.

The funny thing is that I keep a “blog book” near me at all times. If there is something I feel I should talk about, I will write it down in one of three books. I have a big notebook that stays next to my bedside, one in my purse and one next to my computer because you never know when an idea is going to pop into your head. A lot of times I write in the books just to write and keep them there so if I don’t have anything of importance to write about, I will just go through the books and pull a topic out. Yes this is one of those entries.

Ever since I started blogging for serious, I would hate it whenever I go a week without a post. And I hope that people understand it takes a lot for people to put themselves out there on blogs, especially if there are personal posts like the ones I’ve posted quite a few times. It’s like video bloggers that tote around a point and shoot camera and vlog about their day.

^ That is the reason why I will stick with blogging and might not ever go vlogging.

My very own diary for the public to see. And it’s funny to think of it that way because diaries are supposed to be secretive and only for you to read but as our generation goes on through the years, privacy has gone out the door. We want to be heard. I don’t suppose I will ever stop, in fact, I have pulled my friends and even my husband onto the bandwagon of blogging. The ball is rolling and I hope that I don’t lose this fire I have to put my feelings out there for people to read. On the flip side I hope people don’t get tired of what I have to say. It almost gives me a reason to do things out of the ordinary so that I do have something to complain about or to be excited over.


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