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Moving Out…

Nope… just moving stuff around for new flooring. It’s amazing how much stuff can come out of a tiny little room. It’s even more eye opening how much stuff one person can own in such a short amount of time. Example… three containers full of sandals, flip flops, fashion flats, everyday flats, AND high heels. I know I’m a girl and all but about half of the stuff I own still has it’s price tags on it. There comes a point in a girls life where she just has to say no to buying anymore of it. I mean hell, I have tower of drawers that are full of makeup. One woman should not own that much makeup unless you are a makeup artist… which I am not. HOWEVER, it is nice to have just in case I want to do a photo shoot and someone doesn’t have the makeup that is necessary, but that is completely besides the point.

Half of the stuff that I own, I bought just last year. Ridiculous? I agree.

I keep telling myself that I am going to put myself on a buying ban. I mean really… who needs this many sandals… or shoes even? I think I have some sort of buying OCD. I always buy stuff in twos… which really is some sort of disorder because it’s hurting my wallet. Normally, it’s something that I truly like; example if a shirt makes me look amazing, I’ll buy it in two different colors… same goes for shoes. It’s an impulse that I can’t seem to stop. Like the multitude of makeup I own. In my head it sounds like a great investment, I mean hell I don’t have to buy makeup for years… but I never stop to amaze myself when I come home from Walgreens or Ulta with more bags full of makeup that I probably didn’t need. [Just recently threw out a bunch of old dried up makeup… I have to keep telling myself that I don’t need to replace the stuff that I threw out.]

Cathy Thorne, everydaypeoplecartoons.comAn unhealthy buying obsession if you ask me. The first step is acknowledging there’s a problem, so check that off the list. Maybe I’ll have some decent money saved up if I can get it under control, but what girl wants to deny herself the finer things in life? Being married  now means I have some kind of responsibility to save money for my husband and I, so when we get older we don’t have to worry about trying to pull money out of our asses to pay for things. Time to grow up I suppose. That makeup/clothes/shoe money can go towards paying off unwanted bills from spending sprees long before we got hitched.

That guilty feeling I get as soon as I put my bags of goodies in my car should be an indication that I should probably return my purchases and put that money back in the bank. You would think that a smart girl like me would understand and learn from it, instead I choose to ignore it like a screaming child in a grocery store. I have, however, started to tell myself no whenever I pick something up to buy. When we first started dating, I used to have to ask Ronald if he REALLY needed a new game for his computer and he would say no, then he would put the game back and we’d walk out of a store with the same amount of cash as we walked in with… well now I’ve had to start doing that to myself. Putting myself through a guilt trip seems to be the only way I can control this need to spend money that I obviously don’t have.

One day I’ll get it. Whether it be this week… next month or next year, we will see. Or we’ll see four containers of shoes instead of three and a whole new drawer filled with more makeup. Let’s hope for my sake it doesn’t get that far. I think posting this for everyone to see will encourage them help me by telling no if they see me try to buy something. Smack my hand if you have to, or take away the item and say “No BAD Christina!” Either way to get your point across that I don’t need that particular piece of clothing or beauty related item, is fine by me.


One thought on “Moving Out…

  1. I’m the same way about buying books, especially since I got my Kindle. I may have 12 books sitting in my room that I haven’t read yet, but does that stop me from downloading a new one on my pretty pink Kindle? No. I think it’s the instant gratification thing. I see it, I want it, I buy it, and it magically appears in mere seconds for my reading pleasure. I know deep down that I should really curb my spending, but I tell myself its ok because e-books are cheaper than real books, so really I’m saving myself money in the end. 🙂

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