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Every Girls Nightmare

So I had a great post that I was going to put up. I mean, I had written it out a while ago and thought that it would be the perfect time to put it up… until yesterday happened. Yeah, now you’re concerned. What could have happened yesterday that would make me put aside a post that was meant to be?!

I don’t know if this has ever happened to other girls… but I had a shopping nightmare yesterday.

My husband and I finally got our tax return and we’ve had some money burning a hole in our pockets. We both kept thinking we’re going to spend it all. We’ve been good and didn’t spend like crazy over the holidays and thought that it was time to buy something for ourselves. So on Thursday we decided we’re going shopping. We needed to get new blinds for our room… maybe a nice hamper… some organizing storage stuff for my closet because it is a HOT MESS! [Obviously this is all the stuff I wanted.]

We went to our local hobby shop, the Hobby Chest, because Ronald wanted to start a new army. [He is a 40K gamer.] We spend a good… 30 minutes in the shop and he couldn’t come up with anything to buy. Which is really sad because there is always stuff he wants to buy in Mr. Dan’s store! So we leave and I say let’s go to Target. Anybody can go into Target and come out with SOMETHING! We walk around and I find some bitchin leopard print heels. Internally I’m thinking HELL YES! I put them on… strut my stuff and say I want. Did I buy them… no. We go to the organizing section and in my head, I know what I want for my closet… but then I see what they have and it is nothing what I want, so I dismiss it. We go to look at blinds… well we forgot to measure our windows so we couldn’t even buy those. We leave Target empty-handed. Then Ronald says that we have to go to Barnes & Noble because he needs a new book to read. He finds a book he wants to read [thankfully] and then we buy ourselves some little reading lamps because sometimes we want to read while the other is asleep. Our shopping spree turned into only spending $23.

Some would say that’s great! Times like these we need to save all the money we can get… which is true… but before we got the money we even had a list of things we wanted to buy and we didn’t even do that.

Then yesterday I woke up with the intent of buying stuff. So I dragged Ronald with me to Walmart to buy a small vacuum, since we have hard wood flooring now. I don’t want to sweep everyday and sweeping just pushes it to different places. We found a Bissell vac for $20 and then Ronald bought a space heater because our room is weirdly cold for $22.

Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond… Ross… and Tjmaxx for a new hamper… with no luck. Then I remembered that there was a pair of boots that I wanted from Rue21… well they had them but not in my size. Could it get anymore depressing?! So I give up and we head home. I found some boots that I’m going to order on ShoeDazzle and then some heels on Sole Society that I want to get. Then I start looking for a nice shoe organizer and think maybe that organizer I blew off on Thursday might even work. So I head to Target again… only to be disappointed by the fact that the organizer doesn’t accommodate four-inch heels. UGH.

But determined to not leave empty-handed, I decided that I was going to buy those leopard print heels… only to see that my size was gone. So I do the next best thing… I buy them in pink! I left Target with a pair of shoes… a coke and some chips. Then I test my luck at Bed Bath and Beyond again, because for whatever reason different stores in different towns carry different items. They have a better selection of hampers but none really worth paying for. Sorry… $100 hamper better have some gold-laced into it. On my way of feeling defeated once again, I head over to Ross and finally find a hamper… is it the one that I’ve been looking for? No. I had to come to the conclusion that I needed to just settle on one. I even bought making baskets to go with it… what will I do with the baskets… no idea but because I was feeling like I needed to buy something, a whole matching set seemed to make sense.

So there you go… I know some women can relate. Shopping is what we do and it seems that when I don’t have the money I want to buy everything but when I do have money… I can’t seem to let myself buy anything. Which definitely can be a good thing. But every now and again we need to buy ourselves something nice to remind us we’re worth the fancier things in life. 😀


2 thoughts on “Every Girls Nightmare

  1. I have definitely done this!!! I’ll have a list of things to look at and/or get, yet somehow at the end of the day nothing worked out like planned and my hands are empty (but my pockets are a little fuller than expected). Kind of bittersweet, lol.

    1. It’s true! I’m like “Oh I need a new purse!” I like this… but should I buy it? Then I put it back and there goes my need of a new purse. lol.

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