Books I've Read

Standoff | Sandra Brown

Honestly, I have never read a Sandra Brown novel before. My grandmother had given me a lot of her collection before she passed away and this was one of the books within it. So I took my chances. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting… and to be even more completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this 217 page book.

The first chapter didn’t give me much but I figured it was such a short book, I better just finish it. I was still getting over the last book I had just read and sometimes it takes me a while to get use to a new reading style. But after the second and third chapter I was completely hooked! It was a great page turner and I was not expecting to like any of her books. I guess I was judging a book by its cover! Whoops!


Tiel McCoy, a reporter, was on her way to forced vacation from her editor, when she is recruited to get information on a breaking news story. A millionaire’s pregnant daughter, Sabra, has been kidnapped by her boyfriend! It’s Tiel’s job to get the low down on Ronnie, the boyfriend, from his father in a city that is no where near Tiel’s vacation destination. Stopping at a convenience store, Tiel finds herself in the middle of the story that could change her life and career!

What luck she would have to be held up at a gas station with the missing girl and her boyfriend. The standoff between an overbearing father and two teenagers in love could cost more than one life.


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