Ramble Ramble Ramble

Winter UNblues

So far this winter has been pretty disappointing. Sure the mornings are cold enough that you need to start your car to warm it up but during the day you have to shed your layers because it’s in the sixties.

Where is the “it’s so cold, your nose starts to run” or ” it’s so cold, I can’t feel my hands.” I know a lot of Eastern North Carolinians love that it’s not feeling like a normal winter. However for me… it’s kind of depressing. I love the winter months. I mean I have baskets full of scarves, gloves, and hats because I really look forward to the cold. Not to mention the million and one boots that I bought thinking I’d be able to wear them in the snow!

We’re at the beginning of March right now and we should have at least had a dusting of snow in the months of January and February. An inch maybe two… something to just close down schools and stores. Yes we shut everything down when it snows. Mainly because it doesn’t stay as snow… it turns into ice and for the longest time we didn’t have salt for the roads or any equipment to help remove it. And now that we do…. nothing. Not even a darn flurry.

And because the weather has gotten warmer and warmer, we’ve been struck with a few storms every week. The weirder thing is NOW our lows tonight will be in the twenties! I just don’t understand. Probably even more since I had already packed up all of my heavy winter clothes and taken them to my parents house for storage. Now I just have some jeans and hoodies, with all my short sleeve tees, dresses, and shorts in my closet. So if you see me wearing the same thing multiple times during the week… I’m sorry.



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