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10 Pan Progress

So in an earlier post, February 22, I had mentioned that I will be doing a project ten pan. [Project 10 Pan post] Have I had any progress? Well some… Kind of… Which luckily for me, I had already some things that I was getting low on.

My Golden Beige Revlon Colorstay foundation is finally almost done with. Yes I had to flip the bottle upside down to make sure that I get all the foundation I can when it’s all done. It kind of sucks because this is the only foundation that I own… so I’m going to just have to powder my face until I finish this challenge.

Next is my fave lipstick from Rimmel Lasting finish in Airy Fairy. In the picture, it doesn’t look like I’ve made progress but in reality I have… mainly because I don’t wear lipstick everyday. And now I do… even if I’m in my pajamas. Sacrifices must be made. lol. I’ve even made the effort to reapply my lipstick after I eat and drink stuff. I know… BIG effort right? Only because this gal never re-applies any of her makeup throughout the day, so even my habits have changed.

Last is one of my fave pencil eye liners. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eyeliner pencil in Zero. I don’t know if I’m just weird or whatever, but in the mornings after I wake up and am going through my routine, my eyes seem extra sensitive and I have to wait a couple of hours to apply any liner to my waterline. Never the less… I’m getting pretty low on this eyeliner. Never fear though, I’m pretty sure I have another one of these in Zero and then I also have some liquid liners that I want to start to go through.

This is all the makeup that I still want to go through. I might even eventually just do a Project 20 Pan because now looking at my drawers… it’s a little ridiculous. Now, the top container that you see is full of makeup pigments.

The first drawer is filled with my everyday makeup essentials. The flower bag is filled with my lipstick, eyeliner and powder that I put into my purse. Then behind the bag in the drawer is a container that has a NYX eyeshadow trio in Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown that I want to use up. A NYX blush in Mauve. A Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in medium plus, which is actually too dark for my skin tone right because I’m pale as a ghost, so I use it as a bronzer every now and again. I haven’t made a dent in it… so it’s going to be in this drawer forever. I have the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller… no I don’t see a difference in my eye circles… but since I have it I might as well use it all. L’oreal Paris Telescopic mascara… I hate this mascara but again… gotta use it up. Fit Me Bronzer from Maybelline in medium bronze… again I’m stupid pale. So it shows up on my skin. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder and lastly my Clinique Pore Minimizer.

The pore minimizer for t-zone shine, might have to be a repurchase before the ten pan is up just because my shine is ridiculous and if I don’t, I look like an oil slick.

The last drawer that you see is just a mess of products that I own that I want to start using up even more. Lots of multiples of stuff I am already using. Stuff that I need to start using up before it goes bad. So again… I might just do a project 20 pan, just so I can go through everything in this drawer.

 I have decided that I was also going to do a beauty product 10 pan. Which I am including body wash, body lotion, hair products and fragrances… I might even through in nail polishes. Even though those are really hard to go through. I would have to wear the same color for a few months. Anyway… I have gone through Berry Crush body wash from Ulta which was a holiday fragrance and I am currently working my way through this Gold Bond body lotion. This weather has been drying my skin like no other and I am 3/4 way done with it. I am including body washes and lotions because I went on a weird buying spree that included a ton of body washes and lotions from Bath and Body Works. Not to mention my sister use to work there and she would constantly bring home stuff for me and my mom. So I might as well include them into the no buying zone for a while.

So I am really working my way through these things. I haven’t even been through a month of this no buying and it kills me sometimes but I’m sticking to my guns!

Got any products that you just KNOW you need to use up?


3 thoughts on “10 Pan Progress

    1. Thanks!! I completely understand. I’ve had to stear clear of all makeup sections in all stores. Which is kind of good because I am rediscovering items that I own and am falling in love with them all over again! Good luck to you on using all your products!

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