Life as I know it

Interesting Day

Two posts in ONE day! No way! 😀

So it’s only 1:15pm and I’ve already had quite the day. This morning, Ronald’s neighbors in front of the house, which is an elderly couple, was backing out of their driveway when their car just died on them. So Bonnie, Ronald’s sister, and I had to help them push their car to the side of the road. No good deed goes unnoticed! 😀

Yesterday my husband left me to go nerd out in Pennsylvania with the boys, and I was instantly bored. So I have been on Pinterest and Polyvore almost every hour on the hour. On Pinterest, I had found a little tutorial on how to achieve curls without any heat. It always sparks my interest because I’m too retarded to learn how to curl my hair with a curling iron. I eventually learned how to do it with a flat-iron, but my hair is so thick that I get tired and bored because it takes so long. Anyhow… when I saw this I instantly wanted to try it. And because my husband is gone, he won’t make fun of the fact that my hair looked so silly.

I’m happy to say that it actually worked on my hair! This is how it looks. Now it was just a trial run, so my hair doesn’t look amazing. But I’m pretty happy about it. The only problem that I found, because my hair is short and thick, the back did not hold throughout the night. So the next time I try this, I am going to put some gel in my hair and when I do the back of my hair I will pin it back.

So here is what it looks like as of now.

I decided to pull my hair back because the back is not curly like the rest of my hair. Not to mention it is cold, rainy and windy outside and my hair is just going to frizz up anyway. But I love it and I am so glad I came across this on Pinterest.

And since the love of my life is in another state, I figured I would stay with my parents for a couple of days because I don’t see them often as it is. Yeah, I’m sure they will be glad to have to feed me for a couple of days [sarcasm lol] But I had totally forgotten that I had ordered some shoes from a shoe society company thing and that it was sent to my parents house. In my head, I was hoping that I would not like them. Only because I felt like I have bought too many shoes since I got my tax return. And you never know when it comes from a company that you have never used, what the quality might be and are the materials okay.

These are the boots that I bought from Shoe Dazzle.

And seriously… I wanted to not like these. I was trying to find some reason to send them back. Hoping that maybe they wouldn’t even fit… well as soon as I put them on… I fell in love! They are amazing and I retract my statement of wanting to send them back. They are great and I’m amazingly surprised. They feel nice and are pretty comfortable. It might be my only purchase from but it’s a purchase that I am really happy about.

So there you go. I guess my day hasn’t been as interesting as I thought. But it’s interesting enough.


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