Life as I know it

Milk THEFT?!

So I’m not exactly sure how this happened but when I came home from the grocery store… I had not one gallon of milk, but two.

Went to the store as normal, got my list of groceries and headed to the check out. Everything was normal and the check out guy bagged my stuff and put it back into the cart that I had already used. Walk to my car… put everything in my trunk and then head home.

Well I got home and started to remove everything from the trunk and in my head I start to think, well I’ll grab all the light stuff and hold onto it with one hand and then I’ll hold the milk in the other… only to look and see that I have TWO gallons of different kinds of milk.

I honestly don’t even know where this second gallon of milk came from. I checked the receipt and it was not on there. Now I fear I have stolen someone else’s milk. I’m never going to be able to show my face again… I am a milk thief. I’m a shame to my family. lol. I could go back to the store and return it but I’m not exactly sure how that would go down. And gas right now costs as much as milk if not more, so I’m not to worried about it.

My husband’s family has joked that they should send me to the store more often so that I can get free milk.

Has this ever happened to you before?


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