Life as I know it

Bored with a Side of Lazy

So it’s true… I’ve been pretty lazy. When I realized that my last post was on the 14th of March, I was like… Damn, I should get on that. But then I didn’t. Reasons? You ask. I have none. Sure some interesting stuff has gone on. But I’ve been so lazy at writing them down so I can share them with you, that I don’t even know where my actual “blog book” is. Call it a phase if you will. Normally I’m so busy that I don’t get to watch all my shows and it takes me weeks to get caught up on Hulu… Yeah I’ve been caught up on it for a while now. Even started watching the shows on tv… shocker! I’m hoping now that I’ve established that I am a lazy bum, I’ll actually get up and do something so I can write about it later.

Some interesting news is that the husband and I have decided that we are going to buy some rocking bikes to go out on the trails near our house. It’s in an effort to get physical [Yes Olivia Newton John just popped into my head as well] because let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger.  Plus neither of us want to actually pay for a gym membership that we both know we won’t keep up with. Even if it means riding around the neighborhood every night. It must be done.

There are a lot of little trails near our house that I’ve walked and photographed, that I’m pretty sure we’re allowed to bike in so we’re going to give that a try. I know that there are a lot of tree roots and stuff so it will make for an interesting ride. If anything my butt will feel some serious pain when we’re done.

Also in an effort to get healthy I have bought bags of salad… baby carrots and sugar snap peas to just snack on while in the house. It has become very obvious that we spend far too much money on junk food, so our hope is that we will cut that spending in half.

That’s pretty much it. Sad… I know.

Update: We got our bikes like literally… 3 hours ago. lol. Here’s to hoping I remember how to ride a bike!


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