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Fear Conquered

So it’s pretty amazing how when you get older the fear of doing things you use to do when you were younger creep up on you. Ronald and I just bought ourselves some new bikes recently and in my head, I was thinking “Oh… this is going to be a piece of cake.” In a way, I was wrong. That old saying, once you ride a bike you never forget is true. It’s the fear of taking a turn that got me to hit the brakes and panic a little.

I’m not a fan of failing… obviously if you have read my photography page, but failing at doing something that I use to do ALL the time when I was a kid was not acceptable. Especially when I was THAT kid that rode my bike with no hands on the handles and even learned to take turns without touching the handles. So going from that fearless little girl to this scared pathetic woman was a little eye-opening.

You might ask what the actual fear was… it was the fear of falling off a moving object that to me is not so appealing. Scrapped knees and elbows are not attractive on older folk and I’m not exactly the most graceful woman on the planet. In my head, I see myself falling and sounding exactly like Peter from Family Guy when he falls down.

Irrational as it may be but today was the day that I conquered taking a turn on a bike. Laugh at me if you will… a 25-year-old woman who hasn’t rode on a bike in over 10 years, this is quite the accomplishment. Not to mention, this is the second time we’ve gone out on our bikes, so I’d like to think I’m moving in the right direction. Now I just have to get my stamina up and soon we’ll be challenging ourselves on some actual bike trails.

The next fear to conquer with re-learning how to ride a bike is going over bumps and riding in the grass. I know their tough obstacles [sarcasm] but I will be successful!

*We now know that mountain bike seats were not made to actually be sat on because I’m pretty sure my butt is bruised from the hard seat. So that is also a lesson learned.


2 thoughts on “Fear Conquered

  1. Hmmm, ever wonder where that term “It’s like riding a bike” came from. When we rented bikes in Belize, it had easily been at least 10 years since I rode one also, and I felt extremely shakey, and like you afraid to fall. (Plus seriously, I use to ride my bike for hours and never felt any muscle pain, a few hours on the bike and I was done!)

    1. That’s me too. Seriously, we went around the neighborhood twice, my legs were so sore and my bum was numb. lol.

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