101 Things

Two of Everything, Please.

So #3 on my 101 things about myself… I buy almost everything in twos. Weird? You’ve got that right. I don’t know if it is a form of OCD. But for whatever reason, I keep buying in twos.

I own two of the same tennis shoes… two of the same yoga mats… two of the same sandal wedges. Did I need two? Probably not but it’s hard to tell myself to put it down. Every time I have a dilemma of buying something in a pair, I always ask myself do I need BOTH? The answer is always yes. But in reality, I know it’s not justifiable.

Definitely not necessary to have two sets of head bands... but again, I couldn't tell myself no.

This is why I wonder if I have some kind of disorder. Yesterday, I was going to buy two of the same sandals… only different colors and then two of the same linen jackets… one in red and the other in blue. Did I buy all four? No… I bought the red jacket, but for the life of me… I HAD to buy both the sandals.

When it comes to clothes, I absolutely do the same thing. I justify it as if it fits me well, I want two of them in different colors because it is kind of hard to find something that I like. It’s not logical, I know. And yes, it kills my wallet. Which is why I try to not buy anything at all if I can.

Another thing that I do is buy in bulk. Which isn’t always a bad thing. It keeps me from having to buy things constantly. So I see that as a plus. Did I really need a bag of a 1000 cotton swabs… maybe not, but I know that that is one thing I won’t have to buy for a while. Same with the huge bottle of hand sanitizer that is sitting in our bathroom.

What weird habits do you have?


2 thoughts on “Two of Everything, Please.

  1. late night google search brought me here: during a conversation I swiftly searched my memory and found many occurences where I bought something two times: clothings, toys, electronics,.. further, I get a pleased sense from using only one heavily, while retaining the other in unused state. actually, the used one gets to be the favourite tool/shirt/toy, but the second one seems important in the constellation. while recollecting my memory, my girlfriend warned me should she become a target of that behaviour.

    my guess at it is one of denial. things age, fade, wear out. I seem not to be able to stick to one and accept the effects of time.

    I’m not sure if that applies to your description at all.
    buying clothing of the same cut in different colors saves you time when dressing. both fit, and give you choice. you didn’t state that you only use one of them.
    mark zuck and steve jobs (used to) have dozens of shirts of same color and cut.
    to divert attention to more pressing matters than the choice of clothing.

    1. I do, in fact, use both items that I buy… I think I find that I have more fulfillment by having two of the same thing. I don’t really know what that stems from. Later, I found an article saying that it would be a shopping addiction. Something that I definitely think I have and as of late, have been trying to really keep myself occupied so that I don’t get the urge to spend tons of money on things that I don’t need… like two items of the same thing.

      Also, sometimes like what you stated about your situation in having one that you use constantly and the other remaining unused… Depending on what it is, shoes or makeup, I will start to favor one pair and then only use the other on “special” occasions.

      And like Mark Z. and Steve J., I hate having to pick and choose my clothing because one I’m not a fan of my body type… so if I find something that is faltering on me… You can almost guarantee that I will have it in two or three colors. lol.

      I’m a girl in the worst sense… I love shopping and buying clothes, shoes and makeup… but I am rarely in girl mode… so the fancy clothes, the nice shoes and makeup normally just sit where they are for long periods of time until I break and scream at myself to make a change. Like I’m doing a project ten pan which means I have to use up ten makeup products before I can buy anymore. It will be a work in progress.

      Thank you for the comment, it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one out there that has this weird habit.

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