Life as I know it

A Thousand Lives

I don’t know if everyone knows who Cory Williams is. He is a youtuber and owner of SMP Films. He also does a channel called Mean Kitty for youtube. A week ago or so, he had posted a video called The Most Real Video I’ve Ever Made.

A big goal in my life is to live a thousand lives. I don’t want to be the same person everyday. I don’t want to do the same old thing all the time. I want to mix it up. I want to experience everything this world has to offer. I want to be an old man, laying in my bed thinking… okay, I did it all. I want to be THAT guy.

I understand the importance of life. A negative day is a wasted day.

You’ve got to live.

After watching his video and seeing how much we are all the same and how we all go through the same things, his words are what got to me.

Lately I have been feeling… well… not amazing. I know I’ve posted this a million times but really, sometimes life gets a little boring. We live on the dull side. We don’t go on adventures… we mainly sit at home, both of us on the internet… for hours. And for me, it’s a little hard to want to do anything on my days off. Normally I’m worn down and just want to sleep most of the day away. AND I do. Listening to him talk about all the things that have happened to him and how he wants to live his life doing what he wants to do, it makes you wonder why you haven’t decided to do that with your own life.

It’s difficult. I understand. Not all of us can drop what we’re doing and just go somewhere. If I didn’t have bills to pay, I would definitely walk out of work in the middle of the day and never look back. Which puts you in a depressing mood. I mean, they can do WHATEVER they want! I know life is what you make it, and I made it into a pool of debt to go to school to master what I love and now I’m paying it back by not working in the field I went to school for. You live and you learn.

I guess the main reason for posting this… because I’ve already forgotten… this has been a draft for about a week now. Whoops. Anyhow, the main reason for posting this is because we all have dreams. I dreamt that I would marry the man I love and the man who would give his life to make me happy… and BAM we’re married. So I can check that off my list. Now this next dream is going to be working the job I’ve dreamt about my whole life. No matter how long it takes, I will make my life what I want it to be. And it will be to no one else’s standards but my own.

The first step is to take action. Like our healthy lifestyle that we have been wanting to do. We bought ourselves bikes and we have been eating pretty good. My hope is that us biking will lead us down another path [pun intended], there are lots of places that we can go and bike for recreation. So for our future I really hope we end up going out and doing more physical stuff and not just stay home on our computers. Not only that, we are trying to give ourselves a budget so that we don’t constantly feel like we’re a bunch of broke asses… even though we can clearly see that our checks can pay all of our expenses with a lot left over that we could SAVE. Baby steps my dear friend.

If you have taken anything from this… I know it was a bit here and there, but if anything, I hope that you start to live the life you want to live. If you are finding your life to be a bit boring… buy a bike and get out into the world. Do something that isn’t like you. You will never understand who you are until you start living and to get there, takes CHANGE.


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