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Worst Movie Experience EVER!

It’s been a couple months since my husband and myself have been to the movies together. We decided to invite our friend Mike out since we haven’t really seen him in a while because he was out of town on business. The good movie theaters are about forty five minutes to an hour away, and we really didn’t want to drive all the way out there. So we decided to go to our local theater, and I can say it has been over ten years since I’ve been to that movie theater and let’s just say… they have not changed one bit.

Let’s get a visual on what the movie theater looks like… it’s only got four rooms… two “arcade” video games… candy vending machines… and the concession stand is the size of a kitchen counter. Now the last time I had been in that theater they didn’t take credit cards, but again ten years ago, LOTS of places didn’t take cards… and yet they still don’t. After all these years, they still do not take any form of card.

The movie we saw was Wrath of the Titans.

Now before I start to talk about the actual movie, let me tell you how HORRIBLE the screening was. One if you have been in the same area for many years and technology has been advancing why… PLEASE tell me why they did NOT update their projectors? The picture was off center. So there was a nice black stripe on the left hand side of the screen, that would every so often get smaller and bigger as the movie went on. Probably the best part was that in certain parts of the movie, it would actually skip forward. One minute they are talking on a ship… next they have been hiking and talking and we catch them mid-sentence. Not only that, there would be black spots that would appear and disappear.

It was like watching a really old film roll.

Now all of that combined, I’m not exactly sure if that made me hate the movie even more. I did not like the first movie, which if you didn’t know was Clash of the Titans, so I already had it in my mind that this was going to be just as bad. For something that is supposed to be an “action” film… there was no action at all. Sixteen dollars and an hour and a half of my life was wasted. I’m never letting Ronald pick another movie again. I had joked earlier about how him and his friend Mike, should go see Wrath of the Titans together, while I was going to see Mirror Mirror. I’m sure that film would have been much better to watch. And probably a lot more entertaining.


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