Books I've Read

Weddings Can Be Murder | Christie Craig

Barnes and Noble Nook Price $3.99


“Katie Ray is set to marry her fiancé, doubts start to stir and in an unpredictable situation… Katie Ray becomes a witness to the murder of her own wedding planner. And she is next on the list of a wedding bride serial killer. Somehow in the middle of everything, she realizes that she is not meant to marry her fiancé. In a matter of a few days, Katie Ray falls head over heels in love with someone unexpected.”

So I just finished this book and honestly… it was quite enjoyable. There is quite the love triangle… or rather square. Katie isn’t in love with her fiancé, but her best friend is. Les, Katie’s best friend, not knowing that the man she fell for is actually Katie’s fiancé. Katie’s fiancé meets Les and is instantly attracted to her, and is even more guilty for not being as attracted to Katie. Katie becomes attracted to a man that she doesn’t even know but was locked in a panic room together for hours. And Carl, the man whom Katie falls for, isn’t the kind of man that Katie should want to be with.

Not only that, the serial killer that is offing all the brides is someone who was hired to work her wedding. Who could it be though? The DJ, the photographer, the florist or the baker?

Now the main plot of the book isn’t about the fact that Katie is being watched and hunted by a serial killer but the fact that everyone is in love with someone they shouldn’t be. Which should have been obvious with the love square that I mentioned above.

Christie Craig got me blushing on quite a bit of sexual talk that went on in the book. So if people are able to read you like a book… they might know what is going on in your book. 😀

None the less I was happy when the book ended and was glad I paid the four dollars for this book.


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