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So the latest book I just finished was Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig. I was reading it on my handy-dandy Nook Color. While I was reading that book and I had also started The Serpent’s Tale by Ariana Franklin which I have as an actual book. I noticed some serious differences between reading an actual book and an eBook. One really noticeable difference for me is the fact that I can’t read a normal book for long periods of time. I start reading and I get so sleepy. I don’t know if it is because I spend some serious time in front of my computer so the screen on a Nook helps keep me awake. But as soon as I start reading a normal book… the yawns start and my eyes get heavy. I normally don’t read a normal book unless I’m at work because I have to stay awake either way, but at work is the only time that I get to really enjoy a normal book read.

I love my Nook Color, but there is still something about holding an actual book that I just can’t get over. The sound of turning the page and on the look out for cute bookmarks. It brings me back to when I was a child and they would have book sales at the library of our school. We could buy books for the change that our parents gave us. It is one of those memories that will always be with me whenever I am reading. Which is why I am normally reading two books at a time. One on the eReader and the other just a normal book. Because sometimes you just need to get back to your roots. 😀


Which do you prefer?


2 thoughts on “Curious

  1. This is actually a huge debat these days, especially in the reading education field. I recently wrote a paper on the positives and negative on using e-readers in the classroom. There is even a study my professor is conducting in a classroom here having students who are reluctant readers use the e-readers.
    For me, I love both. I love walking into a book store and browsing books, picking them up, looking at the covers, flipping though the pages…it’s not the same as scrolling on a webpage. I also love the feeling of having a good book in my hand. But at the same time I love how convenient my Nook is. There are pretty much NO book stores in Boone, so using my Nook to get books is the easiest way to do so. I love that I can prop it up and read while I am doing another task, or just use one hand. I love that I can read in the dark. I also love that I have a ton of books on there and can switch at any moment. I do admit to being a little less focused when reading on my Nook than when I have a book in my hand.
    Not to mention I LOVE how my book library looks and plan to have a ton of books available in my classroom for my students to choose from. There is just something about looking at the rows of books, especially my series and collections.
    Like you, I tend to have more than one book going, one on the Nook, and the other an actual book. I don’t plan to give up regular books just yet, but I do love my Nook! I like to think of it as the best of both worlds 😀

  2. You remember how anti-eReader is was, and now I’m obsessed with my Kindle. It’s fast, lightweight, and I can have a ton of books on it to choose from. Like you and Ebeth though, I do love me a real book. There are just some books that I need to have on my shelf, preferably in hardback 😀

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