Did a Very Bad Thing

So if you have been following my blog long enough, you’ve seen that I have talked about my spending habits. That and the fact that the hubby and myself have been trying to save some money.

Well… I’ve done a very bad thing…

Recently I had noticed that my sister-in-law has started to make her own jewelry. Well… I have been making my own jewelry for some time now. So it kind of kick started my need to make more jewelry… that and the fact that I’ve been finding a ton of jewelry tutorials on Pinterest.

After work on Thursday I had walked over to Michaels just to get a glance to see what was on sale or if they got the new product in. The lampwork beads that I have been wanting for months had just gotten marked down. Well some of them. Of course the ones that I really wanted weren’t but that didn’t stop me from buying $30 worth of them. I decided that I could make earrings with a matching bracelet, or even get a little fancy and make a necklace.

Friday morning I decided that I would go to the Michaels in the nearby city closer to our house. I woke up feeling really good, even though the husband wasn’t feeling too good.

The Michaels next to my work is always out of product, so I always end up driving out to another city to see what they have. I know it was quite early in the morning. Even I get a little cranky when customers come in as soon as we open. However, I never gave any of the employees to think,”Man, she’s a bitch.” I walk around a few times, find what I am looking for and head to the register. I smile at the cashier and what do I get? Nothing but a blank stare. Not even the common script of “Did you find everything okay?”

She starts ringing everything up and I notice that some of the beads I was going to get were coming up regular price, when I know for a fact that where they were it said they were $2.00 on clearance. I had even read the bar code numbers on the stickers just to make sure before I went to pay. I just simply stated that there was a sign and that if it was a problem I would just not get them. The cashier gets an attitude and calls for the manager on her walkie. Now mind you, I didn’t raise my voice or cause a scene. I just thought that they were on clearance. So the manager comes and you can hear the accusation in the cashiers voice that I have to be lying about the fact that the beads are on clearance. I show the manager were I got them, she reads the bar codes to make sure that they are in fact the same and imagine THAT they were! So the manager tells the cashier to override the price. Sighing and rolling her eyes she starts voiding out what she rang up the first time. I say to her, “Thank you for having her check.” And she says, “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have done it but the manager said to.”

Needless to say, I was shocked. They were just beads. It wasn’t life or death and I wouldn’t have cared either way. But for the love of all things holy, she gave me an attitude.

However, it was my day off and I was determined to make sure that it stayed positive even if she was a complete bitch. I walk over to Ross just to look around. Then I see a ton of dresses and my heart skips a beat. I dig deep for some confidence and head to the dressing room. I don’t like trying on clothes. Especially with the whole weight loss thing. It just doesn’t sit well with me but I give it a try and I actually LOVED every dress I tried on. Only problem is that I didn’t have any money for either. lol.

So I headed home and started making some earrings with my beads that I got for the correct price! I look at my receipt and see that bitch face only rang me up for the beads I bought, when I had beads and an organizer. And yet the organizer was in my bag. So I say thank you bitch face for giving me 10 minutes of hell over a couple of beads and also giving me something free.

My favorite pair of earrings I've made so far.


5 thoughts on “Did a Very Bad Thing

  1. Your story made me laugh! I know what you mean though- in lots of times in craft stores I have been to they have tried to charge me too much. I wonder if it is on purpose or their systems are just really cr*p.

    1. Yeah I’m assuming their systems are just crap because there was no denying that the beads I was buying were the ones on clearance.

  2. wanna save money on bead supplies…try to buy them on ebay. I stopped buying from Michaels. I know how expensive it could be! Oh by the way….Your earrings are pretty

    1. For a while I bought a lot of my beads on Etsy. But it’s just so much more convenient to walk over to Michaels and see what they have. No shipping necessary. lol. But I will start looking on Ebay and see what they have going on. And thank you for the compliment! 😀

      1. Yeah thats true, i hate to wait for ebay’s free shipping but when i know i need something i order in advance! Moved to East coast recently and OMG NY has such amazing collection of beads for really less 🙂

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