Life as I know it

Mountain Biking… Yes Please!

So the husband and I finally decided to take the bikes out for their real purpose…. the nature trails near our house. And let’s just say, it was quite the adventure. The day started out with us trying to figure out how to put on our bike rack on my car. It was a lot more simple than we were making it.

Yeah those straps didn’t look like they were going to hold much either. So we drove around the neighborhood hitting the speed bumps at different speeds in hopes that it would reassure us that the bikes would be safe on the rack. Still pretty unsure, we still went out to the trails.

It’s amazing the difference you can feel riding a mountain bike on the trails compared to on pavement.

It was fun until we hit sand. Yes you can say “Oh just switch gears” but it didn’t make it that much easier to get through it. So for parts of the trail we walked it. Which was probably even more of a workout for us.

We took a rest stop at one of the remaining ponds in the area. The others have all dried up, when thinking about it, is kind of sad. But it happens when you state is in a constant drought.

Much needed hydration and nourishment!
Much needed rest with beautiful scenery

We were tired at the end of it but it felt great to be active. I’m excited to do it more often. We’ve got to get ourselves ready for our trip to the mountains to see my best friend and for some much needed away time!


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