Ramble Ramble Ramble

Insomniac Much?

I’m not exactly sure when it all started. It could be because I’ve been so tired in the middle of the day, that I end up taking a nap and then it screws up my sleep patterns and I end up staying up all night having to listen to my husband snore while I desperately wish I could just fall asleep. <– yeah I bet my english teachers would love to get ahold of that run on sentence. 😀

Anyway, so instead of forcing myself to lay in bed listening to the grizzly bear sleeping next to me [don’t worry, he calls me the same thing], I decided it would be a good idea to get in some writing… maybe even get some things written out for future posts. Crazy idea right?

I know I’ve been slacking hardcore. I tell myself it’s because I’m trying to finish books so I have something people will actually want to read, but really… I’m just being lazy. Not to mention, I’ve been uber sick this past week. So the only I’ve been wanting to do is sleep… at inappropriate times.

But I’ve been on a roll with writing out my list of Music Mondays, so at least you’ll know there will be a post every Monday for at least a month.

So I will be on my way… just thought I’d pop in and see if there were any other insomniacs out there. Going to finish my chocolate milk [yes, you read right. lol.], finish this list for Music Mondays and maybe get some time in on Pinterest!


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