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Yesterday in a Nutshell

Yesterday didn’t exactly go as planned. Amanda, a fellow photographer, and I had planned a nice little shoot in a neighboring city. The weather had promised only clouds… but that wasn’t the case. I woke up SUPA early to get ready, which you see there is a photo of me downing some amazing coffee, with my hair still wrapped as I did my makeup. I put on a tank with denim shorts and a red linen blazer… I walk outside and it’s downpouring. What happened to just being cloudy?!

So I drive out to Amanda’s and we agree to just make it a shopping day until the sun makes an appearance, since she needed a dress anyway for a wedding she was going to in May.

We go all over the mall and I find this AMAZING Doctor Who t-shirt at Hot Topic! Seriously, it made me excited. This one was in the mens section and then I look up on the womens side and there are two Doctor Who shirts. One like the mens version and then another one that has Matt Smith on it with the Tardis. Pretty freaking epic. If someone would like to buy this for me… I’m a large in men’s shirts and an extra large in womens. lol.

Then we both decided we should find Khols, Amanda only having success in finding shoes and a pair of jeans at the mall. Well, we go on a wild goose chase… and Amanda has become a professional U-turn driver. We find it and realize that it just wasn’t as great as we thought it would be. THEN we go on another wild goose chase trying to find the nearest Target. I mean, anyone can find what they need at Target.

That is where the strapless dress above came from. Out of all the dresses we tried… that one was the one that BOTH of us ended up loving. So we buy them and head home.

The sky had cleared up but by the time we got done with everything, the only thing on our mind was the idea of sleeping in our beds. lol.

It wasn’t the long afternoon of shooting we had planned… but it was fun none the less to spend time with a great friend that I haven’t seen in such a long time.


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