Weight Loss Took a Backseat

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So I had been pretty gung-ho about losing weight… well it took a backseat for a while. And by a while I mean a LONG while. What happened? Well the gym started to become a money pit. I was paying to not go to the gym as it seemed. So I put a stop on my payments to the gym and decided I was going to do at home workouts.

Well, when I’m at home, the last thing I want to do is work out. lol. And when my friend and I went shopping Wednesday and I tried on all those dresses, it made me realize that I’m such a freaking slacker and need to get off my ass and do something about it. Sometimes you just need to try on clothes that would have fit you to make you want to change something about yourself. Hahah.

So this morning, that is exactly what I did. I got up at 6:15am… drank a cup of coffee… ate some breakfast… stretched and then hit the pavement and ran/jogged/walked around the neighborhood twice. I’m sure I didn’t go even a mile but I feel better than I have been in a long time! Sometimes that is all it takes.

The photo is from a dock that I went to rest for a few minutes and did some push ups while I was there. It was nice to smell the fresh air and to actually get some movement in this body. Watch out tomorrow, I will own you like I owned today! 😀


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