Pinterest Passes Time

So right now Eastern NC has been under a pretty heavy thunderstorm… and since it is a Saturday, my husband is out hanging with his nerdy friends at the Hobby Chest while I’m at home battling the sniffles… catching up on my missed shows on Hulu… and ultimately, am bored out of my mind.

With having to constantly explain to the cats that they can’t go outside because it’s all wet, and then deciding they were going to take over the bed; leaving absolutely no room for the husband to sleep on the bed when he comes home… not really a point here, just a statement.

Anyway back to my, Pinterest Passes Time post. Have you ever just been so bored that you just start browsing everything and anything? I mean, I’ve gone through every single page on I Waste So Much Time. Yeah… that is a lot of time gone down the drain looking at funny/relate-able stuff. Pinterest has now taken over my life.

The DIY [Do It Yourself] section has become my best friend and has made me want to do more and more crafts. My best friend and I even went out to a bunch of antique shops in our area, looking for some DIY projects… hoping to find something cheap that we can revamp! I’ve drawn out plans of my first DIY project for the top of our dresser in our room.

Got instagram? Follow me and I’ll follow you! Username: brokenshutter22

I will make it happen. Just have to get some extra dollars! Do believe I will be posting DIY blogs on here when I actually start doing stuff.

I am scheming to be a very crafty person. Here’s to hoping I can make it happen. Hahaha.

What DIY projects have you done in the past? Any that you are looking forward to doing soon?


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