Life as I know it

Ever been pissed at an inanimate object?

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All I wanted to do was put up three shelves in our bathroom. Two small ones underneath the mirror and one above where my towels hang. Our bathroom is tiny, so there really isn’t much you can put in it. I had really slim shelves that I knew would work. And maybe I’m just really tired from working ALL DAY and then coming home and THINKING I could just really fast put them up. But lord help me I wanted to punch a freaking hole in the wall.

First I ended up stripping one of the dry wall mounts, and then I hulked out so much on another one that it ended up being useless. So I got stupid frustrated. HOWEVER, I got one of the shelves up on the left side. Ronald took me to Lowe’s hardware, and we picked up new dry wall mounts for the right side. I put them in and then think to myself, I should just replace all the dry wall mounts so that the plastic ones can be thrown away. Replace everything and I finally get the right shelf up… and now for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, the stupid freaking left side will not go up. Apparently replacing the plastic mounts have changed where the screws lay, and now they will not go into the stupid freaking holes on the back of the shelves.

Again, it was probably a horrible idea to try to do anything with hardware to began with. But being tired has never stopped me before. All I wanted to do, was get those stupid shelves up so that on Wednesday I can start working on some of my crafts for the bathroom. [smh]

Have you ever been so pissed at an inanimate object before? Because that wall and those shelves have really made me one angry biznitch tonight.


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