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Just Not The Same

Goodness… can you guys tell that I’m just being a big ball of lazy? Normally, I would write down something everyday in a book as to what topics I could put into my blog… but here lately… I haven’t done shit [excuse my language]. I just have been so lazy that I’m a little ashamed of myself. I still have photos of my sister that I haven’t edited. I even have a cd sitting on top of my computer with pictures of a fantastic couple that I still have not sent out and that was back in February… YIKES [don’t worry, they didn’t pay for an actual photo shoot session, it was just for fun] Which now that I have reminded myself about that, I will send it out today.

So… on to the post!

One of the things that I hate most about makeup is the fact that not everything is made equally. What I mean by this is that the quality of products that you would expect to be pretty good is sometimes a huge disappointment. This also applies to makeup removers! One of my favorite makeup removers is the Sonia Kashuk Remove Eye Makeup Remover. It is great for sensitive eyes and it takes product off like it is nothing. Which is something that I love, because I don’t want to put effort into taking off my make up.

Now my biggest problem with this makeup remover is the fact that it is a bit on the pricey side. It retails online for $10.19 and I want to say it’s the same for in store. Times are tight, and products like this can’t be on my shopping list for the fact that I just couldn’t justify buying it for that price.

So I decided it would probably be best to buy another makeup remover that is half the price. So I got the Almay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.

It was in my price range, which was half the price of Sonia Kashuks. That’s where the positives of this buy stops. I have never in my life used a product that stings my eyes so badly. And let’s just put this out there… if it says “#1 Brand in America” it means nothing to the actual product that that label is sitting on. It takes foreeeever to take off my mascara and eyeliner. The mascara and eyeliner are not even waterproof if that tells you anything.

If you get anything from this… it’s a horrible makeup remover. Now I might be at fault with the stinging because no where on the bottle does it say for sensitive eyes, but come on! I would have to think that ALL makeup removers would have something to make the product a little more gentle.


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