Life as I know it

To DO List

Have you ever had so much on that little to do list, that all you want to do is go back to sleep and pretend that the list never existed? That is me today. Ugh.

  1. I have to mail off some pictures… and now that I’m thinking about it, I might re-edit them because I created my own presets for Lightroom, and I like them a heck of a lot better than the ones that I’ve downloaded. So I have to do that.
  2. I have to go through and edit all the pictures from my sister’s shoot that I haven’t done already and get them into a blog post on my photography blog.
  3. I have a HUGE project that I’m doing for my parent’s, today involves lots of cleaning and spray paint… but with the weather looking as crappy as it is right now… I may have to hold off on the spray paint for a while.
  4. I have to go to the gym and see if I’m still in their system to pay my membership [at home workouts are not cutting it because I’m far too lazy to do anything at home].
  5. I have to pay some bills… but first I have to go to the bank to deposit some money.
  6. I have to find out where we are staying for our vacation so me and my best friend can work out a scheme of to do’s while I’m there.

If anyone wants to do one… or all of these for me, that would be swell. lol.

Here is a photo of my sister that I have already edited. I’m pretty much done with her photos, I just have to export them onto my desktop and then put watermarks on them in Photoshop… then its on to uploading them into a post. One of the things that I learned the most in my photog courses is the art of being fast and efficient.

If you haven’t checked out my photography, I invite you to have a look. Click on the picture or this link Broken Shutter Photography Blog. Tell me what you think! I love constructive criticism!


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