Life as I know it

To Do List Accomplishment

Alright kids… let’s see what I got done yesterday on that to do list… Anything that is marked out in red is what was accomplished.

  1. I have to mail off some pictures… and now that I’m thinking about it, I might re-edit them because I created my own presets for Lightroom, and I like them a heck of a lot better than the ones that I’ve downloaded. So I have to do that.
  2. I have to go through and edit all the pictures from my sister’s shoot that I haven’t done already and get them into a blog post on my photography blog.
  3. I have a HUGE project that I’m doing for my parent’s, today involves lots of cleaning and spray paint… but with the weather looking as crappy as it is right now… I may have to hold off on the spray paint for a while.
  4. I have to go to the gym and see if I’m still in their system to pay my membership [at home workouts are not cutting it because I’m far too lazy to do anything at home].
  5. I have to pay some bills… but first I have to go to the bank to deposit some money.
  6. I have to find out where we are staying for our vacation so me and my best friend can work out a scheme of to do’s while I’m there.

Yeah not a whole lot there. What was standing in your way Christina to why you couldn’t get the rest done, you might ask? Laziness and the fact that I was a sleepy beast all yesterday. Seriously… it doesn’t help that it was all dark and gloomy yesterday.

I did get all the editing done that I wanted.

See… now it’s just a matter of putting water marks on the photos… getting the other photos that I was working on onto a disk to be mailed out. And then all the rest of the stuff on that to do list still needs to be done today… or sometime this weekend… or week before I go on vacation. I’m getting there… eventually.

What are some of the things you know you need to do but are being a lazy bum about it?


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