Life as I know it

27 Dresses…

Well not 27… more like 6 but I’m getting there! πŸ˜€ Now I know what people are thinking… Christina, you’re trying to save some money, what the heck are you doing spending money on dresses. Well, my husband finally sold one of his cars and he gave me money to do what I wanted with it. I was going to do the responsible thing, you know pay some bills… buy stuff that I need, not want.

That definitely did not work out. I got bit by the dress bug and ended up with a lot of them.

Dress on the left- Ross $11.99 Dress on the right- Target $24.99

The Ross dress I was absolutely smitten over. I just love the print and I’m beginning to see that my taste in dresses is ever changing because normally I would say no way to dresses that have print. Now, however, it’s all I look for. The Target dress is another that I felt I needed to have. The husband wasn’t too fond of it. Maybe it was the color, I’m not sure but it is just an adorable summer dress. Plus if I ever get my white filipino butt out into the sun, I could probably pull off that bright hue.

Both dresses from Old Navy $20.99/dress… with my employee discount $18.89.

I know what you are thinking… there she went and bought two of the same thing. FACT. I just could not choose between the two of them. When I got home I showed Ronald what I bought.

Me: And look I bought this one in black and in white.

Ronald: Why would you ever need the same dress in black and white?

Me: Ummm… probably because there might be a day where I want to wear this dress… and it might be too hot outside to wear black. Hello backup white dress!

Ronald: Touche salesman… touche.

That conversation is a true story. lol. I know he still doesn’t get my logic but in my head it makes complete sense!

Dress on the left- Old Navy $34.94 Dress on the right- Walmart $14.94

Let it be known that I am a cheap ass sometimes. I work at Old Navy, so I can get clothes pretty cheap and I am not above going to Ross and Marshalls. But the Old Navy dress is the only one that really hurt my heart when I bought it. Regular price $34.94… with my discount it came to $27.96. I don’t regret the purchase but it ended up being my most expensive dress. And then last but not least is my Walmart buy that I got yesterday when I went to get a graduation card for my co-workers son and a birthday card for my dad. In my defense… the women’s clothing is right next to the card section so it was only right that I went looking for something to buy. πŸ˜€

Not only did I buy dresses with print… I bought long dresses. I don’t think I can ever remember buying a long dress in my life. I felt so confined in them… now I realize the real reason for long dresses… in case that one day you want to feel girly but not have to shave your legs. See I’m catching on. I’d like to say that I buy dresses to feel more feminine but to be honest, it’s because dresses are the best lazy person outfit. It’s like waking up one morning and thinking… “Man… I’m not in the mood to come up with an outfit that looks decent. If I wear this shirt, what shorts should I wear… or maybe pants! No no no… that’s not going to work at all.” Then out comes a dress and all is well in the world. Until I get to the part on what kind of shoes I want to wear with the dress.

It’s a vicious cycle, that I go through on the daily.

Exciting news… the husband and I start our journey to Lake Lure tomorrow morning for a weeks vacation! I’m excited to finally get the heck out of here and not have to worry about waking up in the morning to go to work for a week. πŸ˜€

So stay tuned for some instagram photo filled blog posts!


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