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We’re Not in the City No More

Well we have made it to Lake Lure NC! Six hour drive from where we live. It wasn’t bad… Aside from the fact that our bikes kept sliding off the bike racks. Our friend Mike was following us, he was a brave one staying behind us the whole way here. Lol. As we were driving I redress him and asked how he was doing behind us with the biking bouncing around on the rack. His response…

It’s six hours of fearing for my life.

But hey, everyone made it here in one piece!


We’re definitely not in the city no more. Lol.

If this post looks a little weird its because I’m doing it straight from my phone. We have no internet! (gasp) I know right! Here are a few more pictures from yesterday.


On the drive here, I asked Ronald to take over driving… He was getting himself comfortable and he looked up and instantly freaked out a bit. It gave us a good laugh.


There was obviously a car show somewhere (which later we found out it was at our resort). This was the coolest automobile on the road.


And this is how we ended our day. A dragon battling a spider… If there was ever a piece of lawn art that my photog instructor would have loved… It would be this. Lol.


And at last this is the view from our balcony in our room. It’s actually really nice and peaceful. Something that I needed for a week.

Well its time to get some fitness in and then I have to start planning the week of activities!

More posts to come!


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