Life as I know it

Yesterday in Review

Now let’s see what happened yesterday. We got up early and decided to walk around the resort.

I know my best friend hates it up here because she has gotten use to seeing trees and mountains. But for us… We’ve got massive amounts of sand and an ocean that I’m not likely to visit unless I’m doing a photo shoot.


How can you not just be in awe. I told Ronald if we still live where were at next year… We’re coming here again.


Now if you saw this photo you might think that we went on a nature trail but really this was just a stream that cut through the golf course. And Ronald was really wanted to find himself a turtle. Lol.

What we learned on this walk is that the fitness trail is only 4 “diy machines” and that the trail is no trail at all. If you roll up your sleeves you start sneezing uncontrollably. And that old people are in better shape than I am. They walk up these hills like its nothing. Sheesh.

Finally Elizabeth, my best friend came and we had no idea what we wanted to do. The resort has its own putt putt course… Or as we like to call it Poor Man’s Golf, so we set out to see what it was all about.

Mike getting ready to do his thang.
concentration is key... that's why she won all two games we played.
one handed like a boss


The last is my self portrait. Pretty sweet huh? We played one round of putt putt… Two rounds of corn hole. Went home cooked dinner for everyone, then went back for a second round of putt putt.

Yeah we’re a bunch of crazy kids.

And finally… I can that this gal has gotten some sun on her shoulders.


Now someone get me some sun block because I don’t want to get anymore red. Surprisingly my face didn’t seem to get any sun.

So there you go. Our scheme for today? We’re going to explore Asheville NC.


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