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Behind the History

We got a late start in the day. Everyone reminding themselves that it is in fact a vacation and sleeping in is completely acceptable.

We ended up on a journey to Asheville, through winding roads, that I’m surprised no one in the car got car sick. I sat back, completely in awe of the beauty that the mountains have to offer. It did get a bit boring taking turn after turn, going up and then down the mountain.

We made it to Asheville and at this point, I’m completely starving. We walk up and down the sidewalk, map in hand, thanks to the parking garage attendant. This is where we learn that Elizabeth and maps do not fare well together. So on the return trip walking up the sidewalk; I make the executive decision to make everyone eat at Wasabi. Which was a great idea, because we all were pretty famished.

Om nom nom!
She had just shoved a HUGE thing of sushi in her mouth.

We finished eating and then headed out into downtown Asheville. Now my intent was to photography downtown, which would have been fine if I were alone or with other photogs, but when you are with other people who don’t crave artistic stimulation all the time like I do… it sometimes feels like a lost cause. Because while I would be off photographing whatever I wanted… they would be standing around, kicking at the ground and I don’t like for other people to feel like they need to wait on me. And by the way, the street performers were pretty cool. I should have taken pictures of those but again I was in a weird mood and just kind of wanted to get out of there.

I make another executive decision and we head out to the Biltmore Estate. Apparently it was pretty late in the day because the doors to the estate close at 4:30pm, but we made it to the mansion. For me, I love looking at anything that has some historical value. That mansion was great, and I love that they had the audio to tell you about each room. My favorite part of the house was of course the library. A winding staircase, two stories filled with books about everything and anything. It was like walking into the library on Beauty and the Beast… I know best example ever. The tour ends and we head out into the gardens.

A back lit subject that size sucks…

I take my time, photographing the gardens and the outside of the mansion. [I might post a few of my favorite pictures on here for you to see] I knew it was time to head out because the boys looked like this…

I think they were ready to head out!

We head home and Mike makes beef stew with rice and we all just chill out for the rest of the night.

If you want to learn more about Asheville’s famous Biltmore Estate, click below on the picture. If you are ever in the Asheville North Carolina area, I definitely recommend taking a tour of the estate. It’s a little pricey, but it’s beautiful none the less!


One thought on “Behind the History

  1. I have an oddly good sense of direction, like can lead people out of a corn maze, but when it comes to maps I admit I am not the best. When people ask me to give them directions I am like, are you sure…

    And I agree, the library was amazing! Maybe one day lol

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