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Lazy Days with Great Friends

Today we had the intention of going to Chimney Rock… but we just got a little lazy and ended up staying at the townhouse. We started playing Phase Ten… which is a great game, until someone doesn’t make their phases and we all start getting pissed at one another.

Uno was one card game that all of us had not played in years. Last I could remember playing this game was back when Angela [my sister] and I were really little. So we break out the cards and start to play. Apparently we all forgot how fun it was to play Uno. It ended up being the game of choice for the night. We started to get a little hungry, and the resort has a pizza place so we called in for some za only to find out that they ran out of pizza… not sure how since it was a Tuesday but they did. So we pile into Elizabeth’s car to find somewhere to eat.

She pulls up points of interest and just clicks on a restaurant. We end up at Point of View restaurant. Walk in and the girl who seats us asks for a name. So Elizabeth says Grochan [which is her last name]… well the girl says Gretchen… and at a point, with Elizabeth’s last name, she just stops correcting people and the girl gave us an attitude when Elizabeth nicely said, “Yeah sure.” Somehow, Elizabeth picked the most expensive restaurant in the area. But it was okay… we just looked like a bunch of bums in our t-shirts, jeans and shorts.

Yeah… I giggled when I saw this. That DAM Marina… sheesh.

After what was actually a fairly good dinner, we head home to finish our rousing game of Uno. We couldn’t find anything on the television to use as background noise, so we try to find the stations that have music. Then we couldn’t find anything that we liked. Had we had internet or cell phone connection we could have listened to Pandora but we had none. Mike and Elizabeth both had their Ipods. Elizabeth’s was in the car and it was raining so she didn’t want to run out to get it. Mike was telling us what was on his so that we could make a decision on whose we would use. And Elizabeth says, “I don’t know what’s worse… the rain or your Ipod.” Which of course got a bunch of laughs.

We all, with the exception of Elizabeth, got some drinks going and Mike and I turned the AC up because we were so hot. Which was a problem for Ronald because he was so cold.

Me: I don’t know why, but I always get hot when I drink.

Elizabeth: Everyone gets hot when I drink.

It was these moments that I realized I miss hanging out with my best friend.

We got back into our Uno games and quickly realized that we made Uno seem a bit racist. At the rectangle table, on one side was Mike to the left and Elizabeth to the right. I was across from Elizabeth and Ronald was across from Mike. While playing it was like the Asians against the Caucasians. Elizabeth would skip Mike and Ronald would then proceed to skip me. I would make Ronald pick up four cards and Mike would make Elizabeth pick up two.

It was a good night of laughs and definitely a great day even though it was a pretty lazy one. No one ever said that you needed to go out to have fun.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Days with Great Friends

  1. “Me: I don’t know why, but I always get hot when I drink.”

    “Elizabeth: Everyone gets hot when I drink.”

    You guys crack me up! Tina I could totally tell you the physiological reason that you get hot when you drink, but I’ll spare you 🙂 Just know that it’s normal and expected, as is peeing every five minutes (I totally just went into nurse mode lol).

    It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, not that I’m surprised 🙂 Miss you guys!

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